Changes in personnel in SWiPE consortium

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SWiPE research consortium’s personnel has undergone some changes during last year and the beginning of this year. New researchers have started in the project and changes have taken place in the management of the Etla sub-project. Petri Rouvinen, the leader of SWiPE sub project and the CEO and research director of Etlatieto, has been appointed … Continued

SWiPE researchers discuss about platform work in the latest Workcast-podcast

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SWiPE researchers Seppo Poutanen, Petri Rouvinen and Laura Seppänen discuss in the latest Workcast-podcast on platform work that crosses through many of the SWiPE consortium’s research themes. Marco Torregrossa, Workforce and Labour Market’s Advisor and a consultant for the European platform workers and freelancers, was the “Arjen ääni” (voice of working days) of the Workcast. … Continued

SWiPE consortium’s concluding seminar, 16.8.2019

SWiPE project organises together with Turku Centre for Labour Studies, Turku School of Economics and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health the fourth WORK Conference 14.-16.8.2019 in Helsinki at the Finlandia Hall. The WORK2019 conference culminates in the SWiPE consortium’s conducting seminar held on Friday 16 August 2019 at the Finlandia Hall. The research project, … Continued

Mervi Hasu’s research group received funding from the Research Council of Norway

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SWiPE researcher Mervi Hasu, who is currently working as an associate professor at the University of Oslo, and her research group have received funding from the Research Council of Norway to the Changing competence requirements in public services: Consequences of digitization in general and highly specialized work research project. The project explores the effects of digitalisation … Continued

My time at Harvard

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The broad Charles River separates, just before flowing to the Atlantic, the city of Boston from the city of Cambridge. On the Cambridge side of Charles is the Massachusetts Avenue, one of the main roads of Greater Boston. There, it combines the MIT (the 4th best University in the world in 2018, according to Shanghai … Continued

SWiPE Newsletter has been published

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The first SWiPE research consortium newsletter of 2019 has been published! The newsletter deals with research results of platform economy and platform work, as well as several SWiPE activities happening in the spring and next summer. The newsletter also presents thoughts of labour market leaders Jarkko Eloranta from The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, … Continued

Listen now! The latest Workcast discusses the employment and entrepreneurship of immigrants

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Satu Aaltonen, project research from SWiPE, and Anu Yijälä, project manager from Polkuja työhön project, discuss in this week’s Workcast about how immigrants coming to Finland can be included into working life, how they become entrepreneurs and what guidance they need for their employment and entrepreneurship paths. In the “Arjen ääni” (voice of working days) … Continued

Researchers and parliamentary candidates meet at Tiede kohtaa vaalit event series organised on 30.1.-8.2.2019

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In January and February the programmes of Strategic Research organise four discussions with different themes. In each discussion one researcher and one parliamentary candidate discuss about a certain theme. The first Tiede kohtaa vaalit (Science meets election) event, Osallistuminen ja maahanmuutto (Involvement and immigration) is on 30 January at 15-17 at the School of Business … Continued

Workcast podcasts discuss about work

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The Workcast podcasts are produced by the Finnish Institution of Occupational Health and the programmes and research projects of the Strategic Research that study work and well-being. The main theme of the Workcast podcasts is work. Each Workcast begins with an interview “Arjen ääni” (voice of working days) that leads to the discussion about the … Continued