SWiPE book “Digital Work and the Platform Economy” sums up the research activities

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The SWiPE Research consortium has been engaged in diverse international publishing activities throughout its activity. Some of the research work of the consortium is published as a book: Poutanen, S., Kovalainen, A. & Rouvinen, P. (eds) Digital Work and the Platform Economy: Understanding Tasks, Skills and Capabilities in the New Era. New York & Abingdon: Routledge. The book is now available for ordering at Routledge website.

SWiPE researchers from the United States (University of California, Davis; University of California, Berkeley; Northeastern University; Columbia University), Norway (Universitetet i Oslo) and Finland (University of Turku, ETLA, FIOH) open the phenomena of the new digital platform economy from fresh, interdisciplinary perspectives. In particular, the new skills and abilities required from employees are the core of the themes. In addition, researchers clarify the specific needs of immigrants in relation to digitised social and health services, as well as general occupational health and safety issues.