Mervi Hasu’s research group received funding from the Research Council of Norway

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SWiPE researcher Mervi Hasu, who is currently working as an associate professor at the University of Oslo, and her research group have received funding from the Research Council of Norway to the Changing competence requirements in public services: Consequences of digitization in general and highly specialized work research project. The project explores the effects of digitalisation on health care tasks, skills and learning in workplace. Mervi Hasu is the associate leader of the project. The project is led by Professor Monika Nerland from the University of Oslo’s Department of Education, where Hasu also works. The project is a collaborative project of the Department of Education and the Department of Informatics of the University of Oslo. The project also conducts extensive international cooperation with, for example, the SWiPE research consortium. The project is funded by the Welfare, working life and migration (VAM) programme, one of the research funding programmes of the Research Council of Norway.