SWiPE Consortium would like to thank for the cooperation!


Over the past three years, SWiPE has provided diversely and multidisciplinary new knowledge on work, entrepreneurship and education in the era of platform economy. The consortium has actively participated in the social and economic discussion, organised stakeholder seminars, acted as experts on various occasions and promoted a knowledge-based policy.

The consortium’s research culminates in the book ‘Poutanen, S., Kovalainen, A. & Rouvinen, P. (eds). Digital Work and the Platform Economy: Understanding Tasks, Skills and Capabilities in the New Era. New York & Abingdon: Routledge. More information about the book is available on Routledge homepage.

On the SWiPE website you can find information about the project, research topics, publications, research consortium and researchers. Although the research funding of the project ends, research on these topics, among others, is continuing actively. Key research findings, publications and new research openings will still be published on this website in the future. The consortium’s researchers are also available for contacting.



The SWiPE – Smart Work in Platform Economy – research consortium has been a part of the WORK programme of the Strategic Research Council of Academy of Finland. The implementation of the project has been led by the University of Turku together with Etla and the Finnish Institute of the Occupational Health, with several stakeholders in years 2016-2019.