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The Workcast podcasts are produced by the Finnish Institution of Occupational Health and the programmes and research projects of the Strategic Research that study work and well-being. The main theme of the Workcast podcasts is work. Each Workcast begins with an interview “Arjen ääni” (voice of working days) that leads to the discussion about the research results of the projects.

The first Workcast handles the results of Skills, Education And the Future of Work -research project. Also the challenges of one’s middle career are discussed. Programme leader Salla Toppinen-Tanner from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and specialist Ida Mielityinen from Akava (trade union confederation of affiliates for highly educated people) are the debaters in the first Workcast “Keskiuran katsaus” (overview on middle career).

Workcast is available on (in Finnish).

New Workcast is published every Wednesday.

The following Workcasts are published in January:

23 January, episode 2: Ammattilainen sote-uudistuksen pyörteissä (Professionals in the whirls of social and health care reform)

Debaters: Timo Sinervo from the National Institute for Health and Welfare and COPE research project & Marjukka Vallimies-Patomäki from the Ministry of Social Fairs and Health.

30 January, episode 3: Maahanmuuttajan työpolut ja yrittäjyys (Entrepreneurship and work paths of immigrants)

Debaters: Satu Aaltonen from the University of Turku, SWiPE research project & Anu Yijälä from City of Helsinki, Occupational restructuring challenges competencies -research project.

SWiPE research project will publish Workcast of it’s own about platform work later on.

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