Changes in personnel in SWiPE consortium

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SWiPE research consortium’s personnel has undergone some changes during last year and the beginning of this year. New researchers have started in the project and changes have taken place in the management of the Etla sub-project.

Petri Rouvinen, the leader of SWiPE sub project and the CEO and research director of Etlatieto, has been appointed as an economist (senior economist) at the Avance Attorneys Ltd. Petri will stay also in the SWiPE research project and as Etla’s Senior Fellow. Martti Kulvik, research director from Etla, is appointed as the leader of Etla’s sub project in SWiPE. He also works as a researcher in SWiPE.

SWiPE researcher Antti-Jussi Tahvanainen from Etla has been appointed as the Manager of Innovation Policy of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

New researchers Maarit Laiho and Maija Vähamäki from the University of Turku and Tero Kuusi, Mika Pajarinen and Ilkka Ylhäinen from Etla joined SWiPE research project in the spring 2018.

Good luck and success to all!