Jatta Jännäri, Project Researcher, University of Turku

Jatta Jännäri works as a project researcher at Turku School of Economics in the Entrepreneurship’s unit. She finished her doctoral thesis on the Mediated Construction of an Ideal Gendered Manager and Employee. In the SWiPE research project, she researches the hybrids of expertise work and entrepreneurship. Jatta has recently examined the gendering of expertise work in … Continued

Martti Kulvik, Research Manager, Etlatieto Ltd

Martti Kulvik works as a research manager at Etlatieto Ltd. In addition he has also worked in clinical positions in the neurological department of Helsinki University Central Hospital since 1994. Martti Kulvik has participated in numerous interdisciplinary research projects at home and internationally. Kulvik has a diverse knowledge of the economic and medical issues. From … Continued

John Zysman, Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Professor John Zysman is a valued researcher and an expert on public policy, economics and business strategy. His recent research has looked into, among other things, how developed economies are adapting to radical change in the global economy as well as the implications digital platforms have for business strategy and for national policy. John Zysman … Continued

Martin Kenney, Professor, University of California, Davis

Professor Martin Kenney is an internationally acclaimed expert on the platform economy at the University of California. Professor Kenney is one of the first researchers in the United States to have analysed impact of the platform economy globally, including to global workforce mobility and skills. Martin Kenney has served as a visiting professor at several … Continued

Annu Kotiranta, Researcher, Etlatieto Ltd

Annu Kotiranta works as a researcher in Etlatieto Ltd, that concentrates in business and innovation research. Recently she has been involved, among other things, in the building of effectiveness of Tekes and preparing the backgroung notes to OECD about Finnish innovation system and its recent changes. In addition she has been deliberating about the growth … Continued

Elisa Akola, Research Coordinator, University of Turku

Elisa Akola is a research coordinator at the entrepreneurship unit of Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku and with the SWiPE research project. Elisa has also participated in other research projects at the Entrepreneurship unit and is Secretary of the European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB) as the point of … Continued

Tarja Valde-Brown, Stakeholder Relations Coordinator

Tarja Valde-Brown is the SWiPE project Stakeholder Relations Coordinator and, together with her team, she supports the SWiPE consortium in communication, stakeholder relations and interaction.Tarja is a Partner and Executive Senior Consultant at Eurofacts a management consulting house specialising in communications, public relations and public affairs. She has almost 25 years of experience of advising … Continued

Pekka Stenholm, Senior Researcher, University of Turku

Pekka Stenholm is a senior researcher at the entrepreneurship unit of the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku. To the SWiPE project, Pekka brings his expertise in the early stages of business, the emergence of new business ideas as well as of institutions and entrepreneurship. Pekka Stenholm has played an active role … Continued

Sanna Rouhiainen, Project Researcher, University of Turku

Sanna Rouhiainen is a project researcher at the University of Turku School of Economics entrepreneurship unit. In the SWiPE research project, she investigates expert work and the platform economy. Sanna is particularly interested in the transformation of working life, new forms of work and the qualities, skills and capabilities needed to work in a changing … Continued

Marja Rautajoki, Project Researcher, University of Turku

Marja Rautajoki works as a project researcher in SWiPE research consortium. She is also a coordinator of the WORK2019 conference organizing team. In addition, she works at the Turku Centre for Labour Studies at the University of Turku. Rautajoki is a Master of Arts majoring in German language and linguistic specialist. In autumn 2018 she … Continued