Annu Kotiranta, Researcher, Etlatieto Ltd

Annu Kotiranta works as a researcher in Etlatieto Ltd, that concentrates in business and innovation research. Recently she has been involved, among other things, in the building of effectiveness of Tekes and preparing the backgroung notes to OECD about Finnish innovation system and its recent changes. In addition she has been deliberating about the growth drivers and bottlenecks of start up companies. Kotiranta has also participated in a number of projects concerning the innovation system, including an evaluation of the SHOK-centres in 2012 and the international evaluation of the Finnish innovation system in 2009.

Kotiranta is an economist and has studied e.g. statistics and mathematics as her minors.  Her previous work assignments included participating in the implementation of impact assessments and the developing the legislative drafting. To SWiPE-research Annu Kotiranta brings a unique quantitative and qualitative methodological knowledge and expertise in public administration and business.


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