“Meaningful Technologies for Daily Life. Seniors in Japan and Finland” -kutsuseminaari, 5.5.2017

Aika:  perjantai 5.5.2017 klo 9.30–14.30
Paikka:  Lahti, Wanha Walimo, Masuuni hall (Vesijärvenkatu 25)
Ohjelma:  METESE_KUMOUS_ROSE_seminar_170505_FINAL


Care for the elderly is becoming an increasingly topical subject around the world, as populations age. ICT and robotics are expected to improve the quality of life and care for the elderly, maintain their ability to lead independent lives and lighten the workload of care staff. The key issue concerns how technologies should be developed in step with the societal needs, organizational conditions, service processes, working practices and individual lifestyles in question. How can technologies contribute to building of meaningful daily life for seniors? The aim of the research seminar is to describe research findings and discuss:

  • Expertise and service concepts which apply digitalization in elderly care
  • Opportunities for elderly care service concepts in international business

The keynote speaker in the seminar is Dr. Kentaro Watanabe, Visiting Research Scientist at VTT’s Value-driven Decision-making team in Tampere. He is a Researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tokyo. The seminar is jointly organised by KUMOUS, METESE and ROSE projects. SWiPE researchers from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health are incvolved with the seminar organisation.

The seminar is targeted for approx. 40 invited participants (registration needed). The seminar language is English. For further information: mervi.hasu@ttl.fi