The Platform Economy and Changing Working Life

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The Platform Economy and Changing Working Life

How are changes in working life connected to the platform economy? More often than not, discussion on this topic is grounded in assertions rather than robust research. Digitalisation is rapidly transforming production and organisational reach in private companies and public services. The contents of work as well as the forms of work and entrepreneurship are in flux because of forces in the global economy including new technologies and platforms. A concern is will digital platforms create new firms and employment? And, in addition, what kind of work and companies will emerge? Work in a digitalised world requires new skills and capabilities; this is why it is important to research how educational institutions adapt in response to a changing world. And how about the gig-economy, start-up entrepreneurship and permanent shifts in working life? How are these connected?

These questions are among those addressed in a joint research project by the University of Turku, ETLA and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The SWiPE-project is the first broad multidisciplinary research consortium in Finland researching change in work and entrepreneurship in the era of platform economies. Together with international colleagues and partners we look at shifts in the economy, in work and in skills from many angles through our multidisciplinary research.

The SWiPE-Project is funded by the Academy of Finland Strategic Research Council.


Welcome to SWiPE!
Anne Kovalainen
SWiPE-consortium leader, Professor, University of Turku