SWiPE researcher Mervi Hasu addresses digital platforms on YLE

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Mervi Hasu, PhD, Työterveyslaitos. Image: ©Riitta Supperi / Keksi
Mervi Hasu, PhD, Työterveyslaitos. Image: ©Riitta Supperi / Keksi

Digital platforms and the jobs that emerge in the platform economy are a core area of research in the SWiPE-project. These issues are also being actively taken up in public conversation. Indeed, change in working life and digital platforms that bring together work and workers were topics in the YLE A2 “pay gap-night” on the 19th of October.

SWiPE researcher Mervi Hasu was asked by YLE’s A2 programme to comment on digital platforms and what they might mean for society. For her, in principle, competition to offer work is beneficial as other actors are pushed to raise their game.

“Platforms are important on the job market. Time will tell however, whether crowdsourcing work will benefit workers, businesses and society.” Ponders Mervi Hasu for YLE’s online article.

Mervi Hasu asks to remember that this topic hasn’t yet been adequately studied in Finland: “in Holland, the United Kingdom and in Sweden research shows that working through digital platforms is on the rise and they are also used to seek and do work requiring significant expertise such as consulting.” In Finland SWiPE research will contribute to shedding more light on these themes.

Link to the YLE article here – in Finnish