SWiPE-researcher Matti Karinen accepted to UTU Graduate School (UTUGS)

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SWiPE researcher Matti Karinen has been accepted to an UTUGS position through a competitive application process. Matti has been a part of the SWiPE research consortium as a research assistant since its inception and last autumn began working on his doctoral dissertation at the University of Turku School of Economics.

“To be chosen to join the graduate school is both exiting and humbling. The UTUGS programme will allow me to focus fully on my dissertation for the next three years. At the same time, it sets the bar high in terms of expectations and responsibilities. It is a privilege to be considered, let alone to be accepted to this position.” Says Matti Karinen.

Matti’s doctoral project studies the dynamics of organisational legitimacy for primary sector multinationals that aim to do business sustainably in complex environments. Primary sector firms, in agriculture, mining and forestry, for example, are challenged to gain, manage and demonstrate their legitimacy on many levels and to many stakeholders. Matti has previously written a masters thesis on the subject and has worked in the field in West Africa on social sustainability issues. Matti has also been working with the Knowledge Governance project since 2015.

Alongside the UTUGS position, Matti’s doctoral project has also received support from Liikesisvistysrahasto – the Finnish Foundation for Economic Education.

Matti will continue to be a part of the SWiPE consortium.