SWiPE Policy Brief: Safety, health and wellbeing at work must be secured in platform work

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SWiPE researchers Laura Seppänen and Annina Ropponen from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health have prepared policy recommendations for work safety, occupational health and employment in platform work as a part of the research results of SWiPE research project. The recommendations are directed at labour and employers’ organisations, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

– The platform workers should be taken into account in the reform of social and pension security. Criteria for payment terms and performance assessment should be transparent and clear to workers. In Finland, the platforms should also have a fair mechanism for settling disagreements, say Laura Seppänen and Annina Ropponen in policy brief.

The platform work is different from paid work and entrepreneurship, so it is important, when reforming the legislation, to take into account the specific characteristics of the platform work, including self-employment and light entrepreneurship.

The four policy recommendations of the SWiPE policy brief include issues concerning industrial safety legislation, transforming work experience and reputation in the platform work, the platform workers’ possibilities to affect on their own work and providing information to those who work on platforms.

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