SWiPE actively present at the Finnish Conference on Work Research

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The Finnish Conference on Work Research 2018 was organised at the University of Tampere in 1.-2.11.2018 for the fifteenth time. The conference is established, multidisciplinary and diversified meeting place for the researchers, developers, consultants and users of work life research information. The theme of this year’s conference was sustainable productivity and humane work.

Laura Seppänen, the leader of SWiPE’s subproject of the Finnish Institution of Occupational Health, was the co-convenor of the stream Digimurros ja työn organisoinnin uudet haasteet (Digital change and the new challenges of organising work) together with adjunct professor Sami Paavola from the University of Helsinki. The stream included a wide range of interesting presentations, focusing both on teaching technology and professional development, but also on building information modelling and software robotics. The group attracted many working life researchers interested in digitalization and the changes it has caused.

SWiPE consortium’s researchers were also presenting their studies in various streams. Laura Seppänen presented the Finnish platform work made through Upwork platform and the platform’s role as an intermediary between the employee and the customer. Researcher Sari Käpykangas from the Finnish Institute of the Occupational Health presented the perspectives of the leadership of the multispace office in the stream of the humane and productive working community leadership. From the University of Turku, the studies were presented by Satu Aaltonen and Sanna Rouhiainen. Satu Aaltonen, together with Tanja Lepistö, presented the municipal service offerings and roles of actors in the transformation. In her presentation, Sanna Rouhiainen covered platform work from the point of view of digitalisation and expert work. The presentations created a lively discussion on the changes in working life and the challenges they bring.

The WORK2019 conference organised in Helsinki in August 2019 was also presented on the spot. SWiPE is one of the main organisers of the conference.