“Ratkaisuja tieteestä” event provided a forum for solution-oriented social discussion

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The Strategic Research Council’s third “Ratkaisuja tieteestä” event brought together stakeholders, decision-makers, researchers and other influencers from various Strategic Council research projects to hear about and discuss on topical societal issues at the Finlandia Hall on 14th of February.

In this year’s event, attention was paid, in particular, to the highlighting of dialogue and different views and to solution-oriented approach. The aim of the discussions built around the main themes was to bring solutions to the societal issues that have been studied in the research projects funded by the Strategic Research Council.

SWiPE was represented in several discussions of the event. Anne Kovalainen participated in Research + Politics = Solution diiscussion that, through narrative characters, explored solutions to questions related to changes in work, for example. Satu Aaltonen, Laura Seppänen, Sari Käpykangas and Eveliina Saari participated in “Ratkaisukahvit” (solution coffee break) discussions, where also the new Strategic Research Council’s “solution cards” were presented. Satu Aaltonen took part in the debate that brought up solutions to immigrants and immigrant entrepreneurial issues. Laura Seppänen was involved in the discussion about the changes in technology and work. Sari Käpykangas participated in the debate, which discussed how digitalisation is transforming work. The moderator of this discussion was Eveliina Saari.



Electronic solution cards can be found here (in Finnish). The solutions offered by SWiPE’s research are found in the blue cards 3 and 4, and in the violet card 9.

“Ratkaisuja tieteestä” event’s webcasts are available here (in Finnish).

SWiPE’s latest Policy Brief Alustatyö kasvaa ja edellyttää kestäviä ratkaisuja (Platform work increases and demands sustainable solutions) was also published in the event. The Policy Brief includes these policy recommendations:

  1. New forms of work, such as platform work and a new type of gig work, should be noticed in the reform of social security and pension protection in order to safeguard economic efficiency.
  2. The labour market status of the platform workers should be clarified so that the system would allow the simultaneous employment for several clients and entrepreneurship
  3. Simple basic standards should be defined for the platform work, which would override agreements between the platform and its parties, if necessary.
  4. In Finland, from platforms should be required a transparent and fair mechanism in which disagreements can be reconciled in a neutral way.

SWiPE’s platform economy Policy Brief is available here (in Finnish).
See also the Policy Brief on immigrant entrepreneurship here (in Finnish).