Rakkaudesta tieteeseen 2018 event enabled good interaction

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The second Rakkaudesta tieteeseen (Love for Science) event organised by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland provided a great framework for SWiPE researchers to present the latest research findings and discuss and network with stakeholders. The Consortium leader Anne Kovalainen and project researcher Satu Aaltonen took the floor for in working groups, where the researchers and decision-makers discussed the themes together.

Anne Kovalainen took part in a discussion which concerned on how digital platforms change the ways of work and create new approaches. In her speech, Anne raised, among other things, that the number of self-employed workers has increased in several countries and the work is changing more and more into projects and tasks. According to her, work should not be studied in isolation from the economy.

– The change of work applies to individuals, but also how the work is being rationally organised, said Anne Kovalainen in the working group.

SWiPE researcher Satu Aaltonen took part in the working group, which discussed education and employment policy as a promoter of immigrant integration. In her introduction, Satu stated, among other things, that the immigrant entrepreneurship should be developed diversely and in such a ways that development of prerequisites for all types of businesses are involved.

In addition, SWiPE presented the latest findings at the poster display. The theme of the poster was “Expert work under pressure of digitalization”.

All the presentations seen in the Rakkaudesta tieteeseen 2018 -event are seen here (in Finnish).