New researchers in SWiPE-consortium

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There has been some personel changes in SWiPE research consortium during autumn and the beginning of this year. New researchers have started in the project which broadens further the expertise of the research team. Also some changes have taken place in the management of the sub projects.

Senior researcher Laura Seppänen from the Finnish Institute of the Occupational Health and senior researcher Seppo Poutanen from the University of Turku have been appointed as leaders of the sub projects of SWiPE consortium. Laura and Seppo have been working in SWiPE since the beginning. Former sub project leader, senior researcher Mervi Hasu from the Finnish Institute of the Occupational Health has been appointed as assistant professor at the University of Oslo. Mervi started in her new position last autumn, but she also continues as a researcher in SWiPE.

Two new project researchers have started in the sub project of the University of Turku. Sanna Rouhiainen started in the autumn 2017 and Jatta Jännäri in the beginning of 2018. Sanna‘s field of research is expertise work and platform economy, while Jatta researchers the hybrids of expertise work and entrepreneurship. In addition, during the spring 2018 postdoctoral researcher Maarit Laiho and university teacher Maija Vähämäki from the University of Turku and researcher Tero Kuusi from Etla take part in the project as well. Marja Rautajoki from the University of Turku has been working as a research assistant for SWiPE project since autumn 2017.

Matti Karinen, research assistant of the consortium from the University of Turku, has been accepted for three year UTUGS graduate school position in the University of Turku. Matti has started his dissertation “Pathways to Primary Sector MNE Legitimacy” last August at the Turku School of Economics. Matti has been a part of SWiPE research project since the beginning and continues as a research assistant in SWiPE.