New research from Aija Leiponen: Storing reliable information on the origins of data is essential

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Although industrial big data-resources accru rapidly, they are seldom distributed or sold in open market places. SWiPE-Researcher Aija Leiponen has together with Pantelis Koutroumpis and Llewellyn Thomas investigated the special characteristics of data markets and evaluated existing marketplaces in terms of market planning theory.

In addition to bilateral data exchange, the study also describes centralized and decentralized multilateral market mechanisms. The study shows that the provenance of the data, in other words, reliable information on the origins of the data is essential protecting the data and for evaluating its quality. Multilateral markets are able to hold information on the origins of data either in a closed data consortium or through decentralized data platforms, if technologies such as blockchains are used to verify transactions.

More information on the study is available here.