Large amount of new research data is available about platform work

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SWiPE research consortium has studied platform work and new forms of work since 2016. The research project will continue until August this year. The consortium’s concluding seminar will be organised on 16th August, simultaneously with WORK2019 conference organised on 14–16 August in Helsinki.

The SWiPE consortium, sponsored by the Strategic Research Council, has studied in a diverse and multidisciplinary manner the change in work and entrepreneurship in the era of platform economy. Platform work, changes in work, entrepreneurship, self-employment, platform economy, the sharing economy and digitalisation are nowadays popular subjects of every day discussions. All of these have significant societal impacts, but they also change the activities of individuals and organisations. New meanings of the work have been explored in SWiPE research consortium from the perspectives of individuals, organisations and society.

During the spring, SWiPE researchers have been actively involved in social dialogue and platform economy related events, and published a number of scientific papers on the subject. SWiPE was involved in, for example, a podcast series conducted by two programmes of the Strategic Research Council, Skilled employees – successful labour market and Health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Workcast: Work on a platform podcast is available on the podcast page and Workcast: Keys to immigrant employment podcast on it’s own page (both in Finnish).

It is important for Strategic Research Council’s projects to provide research information for the use of societal decision-making. SWiPE research consortium has published policy briefs on the basis of its research findings in order to ensure relevant, research based information for the decision-makers. SWiPE consortium’s policy briefs are available on SWiPE publication page. They can also be found on the SRC website, where all published policy recommendations of all other research projects funded by the SRC are found (in Finnish).

There is also plenty of other information related to the research project on SWiPE website. During the spring and autumn all unpublished research project results will be updated on the site. Information about SWiPE researchers’ work and latest research results is also seen on Twitter @swipe_STN.

The expertise areas of all SWiPE researchers can be explored on the researcher bios. Contact our researchers for more information!