Future education requires flexibility and employment orientation

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At the third “Työn murroksen mestarikurssi” (master course of change of work) learning at work, maintaining employability, continuous updating of skills and company-led vocational training were explored. SWiPE researcher Kaisa Hytönen brought SWiPE research project’s experiences on the collaboration with KONE Plc to the master course. She also presented the findings of the research in the company-led vocational training. In addition to SWiPE, also Taidot työhön-, Polkuja työhön- ja Promo@work projects, all projects of Strategic Research Council, presented their research results at the master course.

Company-led training is defined as an education undertaken by the company itself. SWiPE researcher, postdoctoral researcher Kaisa Hytönen, also called for more cooperation between working life and education in order to respond to the new skill challenges brought by the change of work.

In the SWiPE research project, the research has been done on vocational training in KONE Plc, which has its own industrial school. The training of the elevator mechanics is a degree-leading training that includes theory and practical training. Each student has its own mentor, who is an experienced professional in the industry.

– Research findings show that company-led vocational training develops both the field-specific competence and the general working life abilities, said Kaisa Hytönen.

Those who have undergone the training, have had better abilities to advance their careers in other organisations as well, even though the company-driven vocational training engages the students strongly to the company.

SWiPE’s research results show that company-led vocational training is able to react quickly and flexibly to changing needs of working life. It also has a genuine connection with the work life.

The recording and discussions of this presentation, as well as other presentations of this course, are available here: tasaarvostn.fi. All the other presentations of the master course are found there, as well. The contents are all in Finnish.

The next and last “Työnmurroksen mestarikurssi”, the master course, will be held on Tuesday, on 10th of April. The theme of the course is Changing work changes society and prosperity. SWiPE research project is also present at the last course. Registration at tasaarvostn.fi.  The courses are held in Finnish.