Discussion on the change of work continues

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The four research programmes funded by the Strategic Research Council carried out “Työnmurroksen mestarikurssi” (a master course of change of work) for researchers, decision-makers and experts during March and April. Also SWiPE as a part of Skilled workers – successful labour market -programme brought its own expertise into the course.

A total of 18 researchers, 13 research projects, and 16 panelists were heard in a four-part master course, who, during the master course, brought their views to the question of what kind of the work of the future would be. The goal of the master course was to provide elements of thought and fresh research results so that the work life can be directed in a meaningful direction.

Anne Kovalainen, the leader of the SWiPE research consortium, was involved in the first session of the master course, reflecting on the future of the work, and also at the closing discussion evaluating how the changing work changes society and prosperity. SWiPE researcher Kaisa Hytönen took part in the third section of the master course, with the theme Work teaches. Kaisa brought the research results of SWiPE to the question of whether a company-driven professional training could be a solution for the requirements of changing work life.

The master course was organised by SWiPE researcher Eveliina Saari, a leader of Skilled workers – successful labour market and Health, welfare and lifestyles research programmes, by Olli Kangas, a leader of Equality in Society programme, and by Heli Koski, a leader of Disruptive Technologies and Changing Institutions programme.

The recordings and presentations of the various events of the course are available at: http://tasaarvostn.fi/ (in Finnish)

You can also take part in the discussion by joining the Työn murros -group on Facebook!