Platform economy changes everything?

by Marja Rautajoki

Die Plattformökonomie ändert alles – Platform economy changes everything. This punchy line was written in one of Germany’s widely-read online magazines in February 2017. Actually, this sentence started the idea of writing my master’s thesis about platform economy and crowdwork platforms and how they are described in German online magazines. I remained to ponder the … Continued

Changes in working life challenge the ways of competence and developing it

by Sanna Rouhiainen

What kind of skills will be needed in working life? In what way would it be useful to develop professional skills? Among other things, these questions were discussed in the research seminar “Osaamisella tulevaisuuteen” (To the future with competence) on 7 November 2018 organized by projects funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy … Continued

Platform opportunities in unthought places

by Matti Karinen

The SWiPE project is as much about research as it is about delivering insights that are of use for Finnish businesses. My colleague Kaisa, for example, is working on the responsiveness of the Finnish education system to the emerging and future needs of Finnish industry. As a part-timer on SWiPE, my doctoral project has a … Continued

Development of competences creates future

by Teemu Hassinen

Changes in working life challenge competences. We are emphasising this message with a common voice. Is this a new situation? Well, not exactly. The work has changed its shape throughout the history of mankind. Of course, the speed of change is now and will be on a whole new level, and this challenges us all. … Continued

Diverse work shapes the labour market

by Anu Tuovinen

What is platform economy, how does it relate to me and my work? This is the wonderment of many employees and experts with high education. The platform economy is already here and undoubtedly becomes more and more common in the future work. In a big picture, the platform economy is a part of broader work … Continued

Customisation of job descriptions improves social and health care services

by Sari Käpykangas

Strict limits for professional groups in the social and health services sector are common  In Finland, the job descriptions and qualifications of health care and social care personnel are strictly regulated by laws and regulations. The all known job descriptions ensure smooth progression of work and quality of health services and patient safety. The job … Continued

Ideal manager and expertise are built in images and media texts

by Jatta Jännäri

My dissertation analyzes constructions of an ideal gendered manager and employee in a mediated cultural setting. Our contemporary culture is mediated in many ways: Media is strongly embedded in our lives and has a possibility to select what issues become visible and how those issues are represented. In that way, media shapes our understandings of … Continued

Can company-driven education meet new demands of changing work life?

by Kaisa Hytönen

Is the education system flexible enough to respond to the challenges of changing work life? Is it capable of producing such skills and competencies that are needed for the work of the future? In the SWiPE project we have researched the possibilities of company-driven education to meet the requirements of changing work life. By company-driven … Continued

Better cooperation and more results with good leadership

by Katarina Murto

I have been pondering for a long time why cooperation in Finnish workplaces is not as good as it should be. Is it because of Finnish mentality, backwardness of the culture of debate, hierarchical leadership, inability to share responsibility and make decision together, a loss of trust, unworkable legislation – or what? The surveys to … Continued

The importance of sleep is essential for experts

by Annina Ropponen

In the research project funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund, we studied the working times of expert work and their link with work and well-being. Please review the project report (in Finnish) by clicking here. In short, we invited the members of Finnish Business School Graduates and employees of one IT company to participate … Continued
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