Give, and you will receive

by Krista Elo-Pärssinen

The third mentorship programme of Perheyritysten liitto (Family Business Union) begun this autumn. The room was full of enthusiastic faces and expectant was floating in the air. People unknown to each other started a common journey by getting to know each other using photo cards: Who are you and from which company you come from? … Continued

About discourse of change and a few movies

by Sanna Rouhiainen

The digitalisation of work is a hot topic of the moment in research. Both in WORK2017 Conference (held in Turku 16 – 18 August 2017) and partly in Working Life Conference (held in Tampere 2 – 3 November 2017), the digitalisation of labour was the main theme of the discussions. In my opinion, the examples, … Continued

The magic and logic of the platform economy

by Seppo Poutanen

In Mark Twain’s classic stories about Tom Sawyer’s adventures (1876-1896) there is an episode in which our teenage hero has been employed to paint a long wooden fence. For Tom, the task is terribly boring and takes a heavy toll; on such a beautiful summers day he’d much rather go fishing. Soon however, a crowd … Continued

Well-being data generates health and business

by Heli Salminen-Mankonen

Well-being data can be used for multiple purposes. It is used to develop more effective medicines and to improve health services. Patients receive better care, and it boosts business, writes Heli Salminen-Mankonen, Research Director from University of Turku, in Sitra’s blog. The topic was discussed in a workshop under the title “The possibilities of anonymised … Continued

Uncertainty and change are pushing companies to renew

by Pekka Stenholm

There is no one recipe to renewing a business, there are however many ingredients that make renewal a success. Surprisingly, firm perceptions of what led to successful renewal are similar to entrepreneurial skills at the individual level. In the Renewal of Manufacturing -research project co-funded by Tekes, we identified differences in renewal between successful and … Continued

Robots in surgery – change or revolution in work?

by Laura Seppänen

Robotics is a hot topic. Robots have long performed mechanical work and transport, but are now also making an appearance in services by sensing, as companions and caring. One area of work where robots are making inroads are those work phases that require handiness and dexterity, such as surgery. Robots are part of the digitalization … Continued

WORK2017 Conference 18.8.: Artificial Intelligence or a Migration Background Can Dictate a Person’s Position in the Labour Market


On the final day of the WORK2017 conference, the discussion revolved around how technological systems and social structures influence people’s opportunities in working life. Today’s keynote speakers also explored how researchers can help reduce inequality. They spoke about automated hiring as well as migrant entrepreneurship.   Daniel Greene and Ifeoma Ajunwa: What’s in the black … Continued

WORK2017 Conference, 17.8.: A Social Science Overview of the Future of Work

by SWiPE-en

The second conference day’s keynote speeches delved into the concepts of work, technology and the economy from a social science point of view. The role of robots in future working life was also one of many things that sparked a lively discussion.     Robots and the Future of Work The WORK2017 conference’s Robots and … Continued

WORK2017 Conference, 16 August: The Platform Economy Will Restructure Work


On the first day of the WORK2017 conference, the future of work was discussed, especially from the platform economic point of view. At the same time as algorithms and artificial intelligence are automating many jobs, new jobs are being created on digital platforms. However, there are still several open challenges related to the organisation and … Continued

Renewal is the key to our survival

by Reijo Karhinen

We live at a time in which the global forces of change challenge our societies, businesses and us as individuals to adapt. The main driving forces of change are globalization and digitalisation accelerated by automation, robotization and revolutions in technology. As a result, two pervasive shifts can be identified: the first, a transformation in work … Continued
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