Multidisciplinary scientific journal Työelämän tutkimus 4/2018 has been published

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The latest issue of scientific journal Työelämän tutkimus, published by the Finnish Association of Work Life Research, is a special edition produced in cooperation with WORK2017 conference, Turku School of Economics, Turku Centre for Labour Studies and the Finnish Association of Work Life Research. The issue is thematically linked to digitalisation and platform economy as well as the changes in working life. SWiPE project’s researchers have contributed to the issue diversely. Anne Kovalainen and Seppo Poutanen are the visiting editors in chief of this issue. Mervi Hasu, Sari Käpykangas and Eveliina Saari have produced together with Pirjo Korvela scientific article on the effects of digitalisation to the home-based telework. Sanna Rouhiainen has thereby written a book review on Humans as a Service  – The Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy by Jeremias Prassl.

The special theme edition is fully available on the Finnish Association of Work Life Research website. The issue is mainly in Finnish but the English summaries of the articles are available at the end of the file.