Pekka Stenholm appointed as Associate Professor

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D.Sc,  Senior Researcher Pekka Stenholm has been appointed as Associate Professor in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at the University of Turku, Turku School of Economics’ Pori Unit. He has been a researcher of SWiPE research project from the beginning of the project. Pekka has focused on researching the relationship between the early stage entrepreneurship and the … Continued

Open Seminar on Society, Diversity and Markets, 17.10.2018

Society, Diversity and Markets – multidisciplinary discussions on the role of ethnic minorities in society and markets Date: Wednesday 17.10.2018 Time: 13:00-15:45 Place: Turku School of Economics (TSE), University of Turku, (Rehtorinpellonkatu 3), Lecture room 31 Programme 13:00 – 13:15 Welcome & Coffee 13:15 – 14:00 Keynote speaker, Prof. Monder Ram (Aston University, UK; SWiPE): … Continued

Diverse work shapes the labour market

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What is platform economy, how does it relate to me and my work? This is the wonderment of many employees and experts with high education. The platform economy is already here and undoubtedly becomes more and more common in the future work. In a big picture, the platform economy is a part of broader work … Continued

WORK2019 Conference, 14.-16.8.2019

The 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Research on Work and Working Life on 14-16 August 2019 in Helsinki, Finland  Building on the success of the interdisciplinary conferences WORK2013, WORK2015 and WORK2017, WORK2019 will be an international forum for the exchange of research and experience among researchers and practitioners in the fields of work and working … Continued

Highly educated experts utilize digital tools extensively

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A recent study, Asiantuntijatyö alustatalouden aikakaudella (Expert work on the era of the platform economy), conducted by the SWiPE research project, explored how digitalisation of work and growth of platform economy and the challenges and opportunities they bring, are reflected in the work of highly educated Akava members who do expert work. The survey material was … Continued

Recent research on expert work on the era of platform economy: The members of Akava believe the digitalisation has a positive effect on their labour market position

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Recent research shows that higher education professionals are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and technological development. Digitalisation and technological development are not believed to reduce the workload of the experts. However, working on platforms and providing their own expertise on platforms remains limited. The development of competence is often done on one’s … Continued

Ideal manager and expertise are built in images and media texts

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My dissertation analyzes constructions of an ideal gendered manager and employee in a mediated cultural setting. Our contemporary culture is mediated in many ways: Media is strongly embedded in our lives and has a possibility to select what issues become visible and how those issues are represented. In that way, media shapes our understandings of … Continued

Freedom and flexibility attract to platform work in spite of uncertainties

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SWiPE researchers Laura Seppänen, Mervi Hasu, Sari Käpykangas and Seppo Poutanen have researched platform work’s mechanisms and effects from a sustainable development’s perspective. Work through digital platforms is constantly growing and offering new opportunities. Service providers and buyers meet flexibly and scalably, creating new economic efficiency. At the same time, the platform work may increase … Continued