Platform economy’s effects on work and education were discussed at SWiPE meeting in Brussels

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The Finnish permanent representation to the European Union provided a forum for SWiPE’s morning coffee event organised for the stakeholders in Brussels. SWiPE researchers Anne Kovalainen, Seppo Poutanen and Kaisa Hytönen presented SWiPE’s current news and recent research findings to members of the European Parliament, their assistants, the experts of EU representation and representatives of … Continued

Discussion on the change of work continues

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The four research programmes funded by the Strategic Research Council carried out “Työnmurroksen mestarikurssi” (a master course of change of work) for researchers, decision-makers and experts during March and April. Also SWiPE as a part of Skilled workers – successful labour market -programme brought its own expertise into the course. A total of 18 researchers, … Continued

Active involvement of immigrants promotes integration

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Monikulttuurien yhteiskunta -event (multicultural society) closed the seminar series “Tutkittua tietoa maahanmuutosta” (researched data on immigration), organised by the Strategic Research Council. In the event on 23th of April the addresses of academics, experts and immigrants were heard.  Also, SWiPE took part in the event. SWiPE researcher Satu Aaltonen from the University of Turku participated … Continued

Better cooperation and more results with good leadership

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I have been pondering for a long time why cooperation in Finnish workplaces is not as good as it should be. Is it because of Finnish mentality, backwardness of the culture of debate, hierarchical leadership, inability to share responsibility and make decision together, a loss of trust, unworkable legislation – or what? The surveys to … Continued

The change of work offers opportunities

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The last Työn murroksen mestarikurssi (master course of the change of work) included synthesis on the basis of previous sections on how the changing work changes society and wellbeing. SWiPE Consortium leader Anne Kovalainen and researcher and program director Eveliina Saari took part in the last course. Especially, the technology’s impact on the change of … Continued

Platform work is increasing rapidly

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Research on platform work was a key theme in the seminar organized by Smart Work in Platform Economy consortium and Turku Centre for Labour Studies, TCLS. In the seminar “Platform as a new form of work” SWiPE researchers presented results of an online survey carried out among the members of Akava, the Confederation of Unions … Continued

Future education requires flexibility and employment orientation

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At the third “Työn murroksen mestarikurssi” (master course of change of work) learning at work, maintaining employability, continuous updating of skills and company-led vocational training were explored. SWiPE researcher Kaisa Hytönen brought SWiPE research project’s experiences on the collaboration with KONE Plc to the master course. She also presented the findings of the research in … Continued

Open Seminar: Platform as a new form of work, 27.3.2018

SWiPE organises an open seminar “Platform as a new form of work” on current aspects of platform work and knowledge work in sharing economy. Programme: • Platform work as a possibility – Anne Kovalainen & Sanna Rouhiainen (University of Turku) • Knowledge Work in the Sharing Economy: What Drives Project Success in Online Labor Markets? … Continued

Seven recommendations for the management of digital everyday life

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SWiPE project’s researchers Eveliina Saari, Mervi Hasu and Sari Käpykangas have contributed, together with other researchers of KUMOUS-project, to a development of new kind of everyday life digital services and service combinations. KUMOUS-project studies the revolution of service-based economy and the human in the centre of digitalization. The subjects of the research were seven different … Continued