WORK2019 Conference highlights 15.8.: Automation makes work more efficient but can constrain employees

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The second day of the conference featured presentations on work automation and its links to employees’ rights and privacy. The second day of the WORK2019 conference featured keynote presentations on work automation and standardisation, as well as personal branding. During the day, digital visibility and invisibility in work were also discussed. Digitalisation has enabled a … Continued

SWiPE Research consortium’s concluding seminar, 16.8.2019

SWiPE Research Consortium organises a concluding seminar at the Finlandia Hall on Friday 16th August 2019. The seminar will be organised as a part of the WORK2019 – Real Work in the Virtual World – conference. Date: Friday 16 August 2019 Time: 9:00-13:00 Place: Finlandia Hall, Congress Wing, Mannerheimintie 13e, 00100 Helsinki The keynote speaker … Continued

SWiPE Research consortium congratulated new Members of Parliament

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Over the past three years, the SWiPE Research consortium has studied the changes made by digitalisation in work content, work done on digital platforms and platform economy, new meanings of work, changes in expert work, entrepreneurship, self employment, the links between education and working life and immigrant entrepreneurship. They are all significant phenomena of today’s … Continued

Registration for WORK2019 conference open!

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The multidisciplinary international WORK2019 Conference on work and working life will be organised for the fourth time. The conference will be held in August 14-16 at the Finlandia Hall and the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki. This year, the main organisers of the conference are the Turku Centre for Labour Studies TCLS, SWiPE Research Consortium … Continued

Concluding seminars of the Strategic Research Council’s WORK and HEALTH programmes

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The research projects of the Strategic Research Council’s WORK and HEALTH programmes will end during 2019. The schedules for concluding events of the project’s are now published. The SWiPE Consortium’s concluding seminar will be held at the WORK2019 conference at the Finlandia Hall on 16 August 2019. The programme, schedule and registration instructions for the … Continued

Large amount of new research data is available about platform work

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SWiPE research consortium has studied platform work and new forms of work since 2016. The research project will continue until August this year. The consortium’s concluding seminar will be organised on 16th August, simultaneously with WORK2019 conference organised on 14–16 August in Helsinki. The SWiPE consortium, sponsored by the Strategic Research Council, has studied in … Continued

Policy recommendations of Strategic Research Council’s projects now collectively available online

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The latest policy recommendations conducted by the Strategic Research Council’s projects are now available on the SRC website (in Finnish). Policy recommendations, a.k.a. policy briefs provide solutions for the decision-makers for the issues of our society, based on the latest research results, in a concise and clear form. The policy recommendations are divided into four themes, such … Continued